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The Beyond Boundaries Advisory Group

As we near the third decade of the 21st century, we recognise at All Saints’ College the importance of exploring and designing the ways in which we might best meet the needs of our students in the expanding and increasingly complex world of tomorrow.

Djoowak: The Beyond Boundaries Institute (BBI) was established at the College to support and guide us in our core business of providing a world-leading Pre K to Year 12 teaching and learning environment for our students and staff. The BBI is committed to exploring and implementing new and flexible structures and practices for learning, and contributing to the global conversation about reimagining education for a rapidly changing world.

To help steer and guide the BBI a diverse range of educational and corporate leaders were invited to form the inaugural Beyond Boundaries Advisory Group.

The role of the group is to act like a think tank and provide guidance as the BBI works to develop world-leading educational practice that is future-focused and responsive to global trends, not only within education, but in the world beyond the College.


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