All Saints’ College is leading in Enterprise and Innovation in WA Schools. Three key initiatives highlight the ways in which the College is creating opportunities to grow the capacity for innovation and promote an enterprising and entrepreneurial mindset in our students, teachers and broader community.

In 2016, All Saints’ launched the HotHouse Company. The HotHouse Company is a program that offers arts opportunities that go beyond the confines of the curriculum and allow staff, students and the community to engage in creative pursuits regardless of experience or ability. The HotHouse Company is proud to align with recognised arts companies and institutions, including The Black Swan Theatre Company, WAAPA, UWA, Co3, and many more, working alongside local and international artists in order to create exclusive and creative opportunities.

In 2017 the College launched Propeller Enterprises, our new hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Propeller is already: building networks with Spacecubed, Perth’s innovation incubator and hub; redesigning some existing spaces into a Collaboration Space (the Co-Lab) and a Maker Space; offering its first workshop that bridges electronics and the arts; offering weeklong innovation workshops for the July Holidays; and beginning to offer a speaker series where students can come and hear from leading thinkers and innovators.

As another way to foster innovative thinking, the College launched Innovat[ED]. The course is facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team of teachers who are working with students in Years 7, 8 and 10 to co-design the curriculum so that the class draws upon students’ own interests and concerns. At the core of Innovat[ED] sits problem-finding, collaboration, and Design Thinking, which is a thinking framework used globally for developing innovative ideas and solutions. 

With Propeller Enterprises and Innovat[ED] as its newest additions, All Saints’ is a leader in innovative teaching and learning. Research tells us that participation in experiential entrepreneurship programs positively influences both attitudes and actions. We know that experiential programs (like Propeller and Innovat[ED]) can help students take concrete action by:

  • Cementing learnings from classroom-based courses and providing context to apply the theory.

  • Allowing them to experiment with entrepreneurship as a career path.

  • Expanding networks well beyond the school.

  • Providing role models in the forms of mentors and coaches.

  • Reducing their fear of failure by allowing them to fail in a safe environment.

  • Increasing confidence in their ability to succeed by meeting those who have started successful start-ups.