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Although a naturally shy person, Jacqueline Soon found her feet during her time at All Saints’ College and used that confidence to forge a path in the world of robotics and software engineering. 

Now in her final year at The University of Western Australia studying Software Engineering, Jacqueline looks back on her scholarship to All Saints’ as an important foundation in developing her leadership abilities and passion for volunteering.


As she began making her way into a typically male-dominated field, Jacqueline realised the importance of encouraging young girls to pursue their interests and become involved in science and engineering. She put her leadership skills to use at university and joined a volunteer group called Robogals which visits schools not only to teach girls about robotics, but also to excite them about the possibilities for girls in STEM subjects. 

"It’s very important to break down stereotypes at a young age by encouraging girls to get involved"

“There’s definitely still a stereotype right now that tends to encourage boys to pursue engineering, robotics and computer science more than girls,” says Jacqueline. “Whilst a lot of companies are pushing to hire more women in their workplace, the problem lies in ensuring young girls remain interested enough to pursue a career in engineering and computer science in the first place. It’s very important to break down the stereotypes at a young age by encouraging girls to get involved.”


Jacqueline is currently working on her Masters thesis while remaining part of the global Robogals team as a Software Developer. Jacqueline says her years at All Saints’ helped her learn the value of hard work and the importance of helping others foster their potential.


“Community service activities, volunteering opportunities and running charity initiatives were common at school, and it’s made me see that volunteering your time to make an impact on something you care about is really rewarding,” she says.


“Any chance to make a positive impact on a young person’s life is great.”