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ATAR just one criteria for ANU in 2020

Universities across the country continue to discuss the ways in which they select students.

Whilst the Australian National University's (ANU) recent announcement does not remove ATAR from the process, it sidelines it, providing an avenue for it to be removed in the future.

Under their new system, students will be assessed and given conditional offers on the basis of their Year 11 grades. The role of ATAR will simply be in confirming that minimum requirements have been met. Entrance to ANU will include measures of the whole student,

‘Under the changes, ATAR scores will be only one application criteria. ANU will also consider a student's all round character including community engagement and leadership, sport or volunteering activities and part-time work’.

Students will apply to ANU in March of their final year and be given a conditional offer in August, well before their ATAR exams, giving them certainty and allowing them to focus on their learning without such a strong focus on ATAR.

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