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The latest in thought and theory from the BBI team
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"Beyonding Education" - David Perkins

The BBI recognises the work of Harvard University / Project Zero's David Perkins in "Beyonding Education".....

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'Too much control over teachers' says Finnish expert

With the news that Finnish education guru, Pasi Sahlberg, has been appointed to advise the Gonski Institute for Education at UNSW, Australian educators will be following closely to see how the key drivers of accountability continue to impact on a narrowing of teaching and learning practices in schools.......

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ATAR just one criteria for ANU in 2020

Universities across the country continue to discuss the ways in which they select students. Whilst the ANU’s recent announcement does not remove ATAR from the process, it sidelines it, providing an avenue for it to be removed in the future......

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Better Me, Better World: Beyond Boundaries at Beijing Academy

All Saints’ College Principal, Belinda Provis, and Esther Hill, the College’s Director of Djoowak: the Beyond Boundaries Institute, were pleased to travel to China recently to establish a sister school agreement with pre-eminent Beijing school, Beijing Academy.

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