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Year 7 at

All Saints' College


Year 7 at All Saints’ College offers young people a range of unique opportunities and experiences. Students curate projects for their e-portfolios with a focus on creativity, service, innovation and entrepreneurship. Alongside our exclusive global exchange partners, our students also gain ‘real-world’ experience through The Agency – our employment agency for ASC students. 

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a commitment to innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset has been embedded into the compulsory curriculum across the year levels via, for instance, our new curriculum, Innovat[ED]

The Agency

an employment agency established within our College to help grow ASC students’ skills, their sense of their own agency and their readiness for the “gig” economy by offering part-time employment or contracts with the College.

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Propeller Industries

our new Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which nurtures student ideas and creates platforms for them to develop the curiosity, creativity and skills to be leaders of our burgeoning innovation economy;

HotHouse Company

the HotHouse Company is an arts incubation hub where “unique and experimental ideas are given the necessary raw materials to grow and bloom into whatever they are destined to be”

A student perspective on Year 7 at ASC

There are no better people to tell the story of Year 7 at All Saints' College than the students themselves.

Through The Agency, we commissioned Amrit and Georgia, Year 7 students, to take a GoPro everywhere with them for a day at school.

We hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into their world as told by them.

Learn more

If your family would like to find out more, or your young person would like to spend a day with our Year 7s, our Registrar, Janice, would love to hear from you.

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